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"Freedom" For Sale By Owner

University of Rochester BA Studio Art Senior Thesis Exhibition

"Freedom" is an art installation piece that replicates a real estate style open house within a gallery space, using all items which were previously owned by the artist or her family to showcase a bedroom and living room area. The work juxtaposes an intimate sanctuary of the home with the commercializing act of it being sold. At the conclusion of the exhibition, all the contents of the "house" in the show at Sage will be donated to The Jennifer House of the Spiritus Christi Prison Outreach Program, located at 934 Culver Road in Rochester, NY. To learn more about their mission and work, or to volunteer, visit their website at

Click here to read the full thesis statement. 

What does "Home" mean to you?...

I asked both residents of The Jennifer House and females in the University of Rochester community, as well as from my hometown to answer this question. I additionally asked participants to answer "What does freedom mean to you?" Both answers were featured on a telephone recording within my installation. You can listen to the recording below and then view digital images of framed works, as well as photos from the opening reception. When you scroll over the photos, the title revealed is a one word response about what home means to the participants. 

*Photos courtesy of Through Aliye's Lens (Aliye Gallagher).

What Does Home Mean to You? - Various Homeowners
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